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San Marcos, Texas Meteor Fireball 24OCT2011

Email From:
Diane F.-San Marcos, TX:
I tried a few times on your website to post my sighting
but i must have been doing something wrong
My name is Diane and I live in San Marcos TX
On Oct 23 2011 just around 7 am
i saw a flash from the sky which caused me to look up
i then saw a ribbon of blue light with a greenish halo
this lasted maybe a second and then went out
leaving behind a ribbon of smoke
which slowly disentegrated What do you think that was?
Thank you in advance for your time.
Thank you Diane! Sorry for the late post...medical issues slowing me down here but back in business now.

Kathy M.-Houston, TX:
Not sure WHAT exactly I saw, but at 7:00 am on Sunday, Oct 23, 2011 I stepped out of my front door and saw to the Northwest what I first thought was a shooting star.  The only difference was that the bright tail trailing behind was multicolored and it appeared to fall pretty much all the way to the ground before I lost sight of it behind the houses across the street.  Then I thought it might have been fireworks but never heard a sound.  I live in the Northwest part of Houston….did anyone else report this sighting?  Thank you Kathy, confirmation!

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