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Nova Scotia, Canada Meteor Fireball 17OCT2011

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Ashley F.-Nova Scotia, Canada:
i read what Mary from mississippi saw...and i saw this exact thing too.
on october 17th about 9:30pm i was driving down gaspereau mtn, nova scotia. travelling north. i saw a floating white ball of light in the sky.. then it started moving northerly but slowly! it looked like a ginormous shooting star only way way bigger and a lot slower.. there was no tail. there was no explosion. the light did not dim out, it simply dissappeared behind the trees. i slowed right down to a stop as i was driving. this thing scared me. it was nothing ive ever seen before .i got chills man. what was it?!!!?   Thanks Ashley! Any others witness this? Send sightings to wxtx01@gmail.com

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