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Colorado Meteor Fireball 20OCT2011

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YYY-North Of Denver, CO:

I was taking a walk with my headphones on Wednesday 19th at about 10:10pm and at the top of a hill going downhill going east at about 10PM Denver time. I just happened to notice something big out of the corner of my eye an looked up at it. I reached for my phone to take a pic, but I didn't have it with me. Here's what I saw:
It was coming from the ENE heading WSW and I couldn't tell how high it was as I only had about 6 -8 seconds to look at it. It was bright orange and yellow by the 'tail" but this was like the size of 100 airplanes if it was as I think, about a few miles in the air. This thing was HUGE HUGE HUGE and it just looked like a huge boulder going through the sky. I went WSW right over me and then after about 7 seconds disappeared. I could see that it didn't go over the horizon or get behind any mountains, as it was higher than that when I lost sight of it. When I first saw it I would say it was at about 60degrees above the East horizon.
I wish I had taken out my earplugs so I could see if I heard it overhead, but I don't put the volume up very high as it's really quiet where I live and don't need to, so I don't think I would have heard anything. That would have given me some judgment on size if I would have heard it. I did hold my pointer finger up to it and it was about 1/2 the first digit. IT WAS HUGE AND moved way faster than any plane could.
Why I say that it was about 10pm was that I called my wife *out of town* after I got home and I figure it took me about 20 minutes to get home and I called her at 10:38 denver time to tell her what I saw. I didn't call her right away, maybe 10 minutes after I got home or so.
I remember thinking to myself after it was done, wow… what would the caveman have thought of something like that. It was awesome!!!!! Never seen anything so bright colorful or HUGE in my life.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. I'm glad other people saw it. I was wondering, as I live about 20miles from DIA, would it have been on their screens? It just didn't seem to be that high in the air…at least not 40k feet…but I really couldn't tell you. IF it was that high..this thing was like the size of hundreds of airplanes.
Regards,Still awestruck     thanks YYY!

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