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BREAKING METEOR FIREBALL NEWS...Brilliant Green Widely Seen Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Fireball 06OCT2011...Possible Multiple event(s)

UPDATE !!! Event Captured By Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera In South Georgia
06OCT2011 8:39 P.M. EDT-00:39 UTC
image above and video below courtesy of and (c) 2011 Matthew Gauthier-Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Network-Buena Vista, GA

Email From:
Greg R.-Calera, AL:
Driving south on Interstate 65.  Very bright extending from 30 degrees above eastern horizon to 20 degrees above south southwest horizon. Light skipped or varied in brightness three times. Long time since I estimated magnitudes, but twice as bright as I have ever seen Venus. No sign of ionization trail, but eyes were not fully dark adapted. Brilliant green.

Michelle M.-Sarasota, FL:
large fireball approximately 8:40 over Sarasota Florida USA moving south west

Shawn-Port St. John, FL:
Walking west on Corsica ave when my wife and I noticed a large bright green fireball falling at about a 45* angle from North to South.  Duration approximately 2-3 seconds.  Fireball was visible with a consistent solid tail until it disappeared behind the tree line.

C. Clifton-Woodstock, AL:
Just saw large greenish glowing ball with a long orange tail over Woodstock Alabama at about 7:50pm it was about 200ft above the surface traveling south at a high rate of speed we were at the exit 97 on I 20/59

Jim G.-Hernando Beach, FL:at around 9:15 PM (EST), looking out over the Gulf sky on a very clear night, I saw a massive fireball with a very long green/blue tail moving north to south in steep descent.  Seemed to disappear into Gulf.  Amazing, once in a lifetime event.  What was that?

Chris E.-Tampa, FL:
Tonight, (10-6-11) at around 8:45pm I saw what seemed to be a blue meteor with a long visible tail streak across the Northwestern sky.  It moved quite slow and was very large and bright.  I watched it for around 4 seconds before it fell under the horizon.  A magnificent experience!  Did anyone else see this?

Sherry W.-Denham Springs, LA:
We saw the most beautiful meteor at 7:30pm in Denham Springs, LA in the SE sky.  It was traveling South and appeared to be just above the tree line.  Denham Springs, LA is across the Amite River from Baton Rouge, LA.  The meteor was bright red at the head and had a long green tale.  It was the brightest and largest we've ever seen.

Bradley C.-Orlando, FL:
While driving WNW in my community I saw a bright blue-green ball of light with a trailing tail falling from 45 degrees high in the sky toward the ground.  It vanished behind a tree line on the horizon.  I’ve seen meteor showers before and this was far brighter than anything I have ever seen previously.

Emily H.-Naples, FL:
I was driving North on I-75 and saw a bright white fireball/comet-looking thing; the tail was greenish white.  It looked to be traversing east to west flying low on the horizon.  It was approximately 8:45pm.

rdnkchic-Crestview, FL:
SEEN A BIG FIREBALL IN THE SKY Truely the best show ever blue/green ball with a long tail that went  from a greenish color to a yellow. It came from the north at about a 45degree and went to the south. It was around 730pm I live in crestview fl . The wife and I were sitting out front her back was to it .  I would love to see a pic of it .

Karl C.-Leaksville, MS
Tonight October 6,2011 around 7:30 pm. We saw a fire ball traveling north to south. It was red with a green tail. The tail changed colors from blue to green. It dropped behind the trees. It looked like it went into the gulf. We are in Leakesville, MS. about 40 miles north west of Mobile, AL. And 60 miles north of gulf.

Mary W.-Vidalia, GA:
Last night my husband observed an event in the sky at 8:39 PM, that he posted about on his Facebook page some minutes after the occurrence (at ca. 8:55 PM).
“I just observed one of the brightest events that I have ever seen before falling from above, out of the South, with a Westerly angle, It was very bright green with a white perimeter type halo...Shooting star? Perhaps debris falling from the atmosphere? I do know that it was ONE beautiful sight! I regret that I did not think to capture this on video...Hope that someone else saw and enjoyed it, too....”
“I failed to mention...the entire visual lasted at least 30 to 40 seconds. It was not the usual.."shooting star". It was 8:39 pm on this very CLEAR and beautiful night.....”
“It was so big and bright I actually stood up on my tractor and watched for a "solar flare" or similar effect, had it been an aircraft, once it disappeared below the tree line (point of impact). The flaming green color was mesmerizing.”
“...out of the South with a Westerly descending angle of 30 to 40 degrees is the location I experienced my visual last night.”
And in a follow-up post, this is from another friend who also saw it, at about the same time that my husband did, but possibly a minute before his sighting (ca. 8:38 PM) because she was about 5 miles away at our Wal-Mart store.
“I saw that too....it was beautiful!!!! But kinda scary at the same time...”
“The main reason it was scary to me was bc it looked like it was in the direction of Plant Hatch...but it was the most beautiful green I've ever seen...definitely the largest "shooting star" I've ever seen...and the tail was long...it seemed to have lasted a long while also...it seemed to start in the middle of the sky and kept going behind the tree line...I was at (Vidalia) walmart when I saw it...we live in the country and I've never seen anything like that...”

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Oct 6 2011, 6:48 PM Guest367 (guest):
Fire ball that first thought was a shooting star, but way too close and colorful! Bainbridge , Ga
Oct 6 2011, Guest931 (guest):
Bright green fireball with yellow trailing tail moved East to West over Gulf beaches in Pinellas County Florida at 9:15 pm. Disappeared into Gulf.

Oct 6 2011, 7:23 PM shelbyco34 (guest):
just witnessed a green fireball at 7:45pm come out of the East heading south. Had a long red tail and was losing altitude fast. this was in Calera, AL.
Oct 6 2011, 7:41 PM Shawnp 1963: 
Green fireball viewed looking west from Port St. John (Cocoa). looked like it was coming from the north going south at about a 45* angle. Lasted about 3-4 seconds until we lost sight of it behind the tree line over Orlando maybe? About 9pm

Oct 6 2011, 9:00 PM Guest370 (guest):
Adriana, Dallas, GA 8:30 My father saw a large fire ball that was blue and green with a red tail and minutes later saw about a dozen airplains following it. Explanations??
Oct 6 2011, 9:01 PM Guest446 (guest):  
Angie M., Fort Walton Beach, FL, around 7:45 p.m. saw what appeared as a large greenish/bluish ball with long tail of same color shoot across the sky. Was in a restaurant parking lot and 4 other people in the parking lot saw the same thing I did. I've never seen anything like it. It was really neat! Looks like we all saw the same thing. Would love to know exactly what it was.
MORE EYEWITNESS REPORTS NEEDED...Photos? Video? Please forward to wxtx01@gmail.com...THANK YOU!!  

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A Day In The Life Of said...

YES! I saw this too. I was sitting on my balcony (3rd floor) in Clearwater, FL facing West toward the Gulf beaches. Was typing on my computer and out of the corner of my eye I saw something green in the sky. Thought it was a plane coming into Clearwater airport but noticed it very quickly passed and went down behind the trees. It was so big and was like a green ball of fire. I thought it hit the ocean or even land it looks so close. It was the most spectacular thing I've seen. Someone else saw the same thing last weekend and caught it on camera: http://www.universetoday.com/89119/astrovideo-meteor-caught-on-video-by-troy-stone/ That is exactly what I saw!

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