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Daylight Fireball Seen From Ontario, Manitoba Canada To Minnesota 27AUG2011 5:20 P.M. CDT

Daylight Fireball Observed Across Upper Mid West U.S. And Southeastern Canada 27AUG2011 ~5:20 P.M. CDT (22:20 UTC)

After Saturday’s Eh? column reported someone seeing a “large object with flames coming from the back of it” over Lake County about 5:20 p.m. Aug. 27, several readers called and e-mailed with their observations.
Rita O’Connell said she and her mother, Millicent O’Connell, saw it about 5:23 p.m. when they were at the Moose Lake exit on Interstate 35. “In the sky high in front of us, about due north, we saw a flaming object falling at about an 80 degree angle from high left to lower right,” she wrote.
Robert LaCosse said he saw it in the eastern sky while sailing in the Apostle Islands area.
Callers reported seeing it from Cook County on Caribou Trail about eight miles in from Lutsen; while driving eastbound on Minnesota Highway 210; and while driving north on Woodland Avenue in Duluth.
Jim Graham said he was one of six people on a pontoon boat on Birch Lake, and five of them saw it. “My father-in-law almost knocked me off the captain’s chair, he hit me so hard,” Graham said.
“It was just awesome,” another caller said. “Just the brightest light in the sky I’ve ever seen.”

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