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Nevada Long Duration Meteor Fireball 19JUN2011

Email From:
Arthur H. Spear III & IV-Henderson, NV:
On June 19, 2011 “Fathers day”. My son Arthur and I saw a bright object race across the sky very fast. Meteor ? Asteroid? UFO? Who knows …but we followed it with the naked eye around 8:30pm or so for approx 8-10 seconds.It started by Venus and flew across at approx 37 angle towards a constellation to the right Not sure which one could be Orion? It was amazingly bright with no contrail. We were lucky enough to witness whatever this was. It was definitely a cool sight we will never forget. It traveled on an angle across the sky at first and then went upward and then we lost sight of it. Searching thru the internet there were other sightings of UFO’s around the world that day.Not saying that was what we saw but who knows.
Arthur H. Spear III & Arthur H. Spear IV

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