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Green Virginia Meteor Fireball 20AUG2011

Report To ELPALLSKY...Green Norfolk, VA Meteor Fireball ~04:00 a.m. EDT 20AUG2011

Email From:
Gayle H.-Norfolk, VA:
I was in a parking lot in downtown Norfolk, VA very early this morning, probably right around 4:00am. I happened to look up and saw a very large greenish fireball streak across the sky. I don't know what direction I was facing, but it traveled from my upper right to lower left, lasting a good five seconds. It was actually long-lived enough for me to see it and tell my mom to look too and for her to catch the last little bit of it. It was very impressive, and I thought if it was that bright in the middle of the city, it must have been unbelievably bright out in the country away from the lights!

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