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Large, Very Bright Atlanta GA Fireball Bolide Captured By NASA Fireball Cameras 03:58:11 EDT 28AUG2011

NASA Fireball Cameras Capture Possible Major Fireball Bolide Over Atlanta GA At 03:58:11 a.m. EDT 28AUG2011

Email From:
Dr. Bill Cooke-NASA-MSFC-Huntsville, AL:

Initial speed: 23.6 km/s (52,800 mph)
Start location: 84.131 W, 33.981 N, Altitude 104.6 km (65.0 miles)
End location:  84.109 W, 33.524 N, Altitude 41.3 km (25.7 miles)
Too bright for camera in Cartersville to accurately determine center of light - manual analysis will be required for more accurate end point.
Note From ELPALLSKY...All Imagery And Data Below Courtesy & (c) 2011 NASA

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EWH said...

I posted my observations of this event in the chatbox as "Guest300", with a link to the NASA info posted above, but my observations haven't shown up here.

In addition to what the NASA site has, I'd like to add that the light was an intense bluish-white, similar to xenon headlights, brighter than a full moon. The head of the fireball was a horseshoe-crab shape with a distinct notch in the middle of the back. the head was slightly smaller than the full moon when it died, about 1/3 of a degree across. This was at about 35-50 degrees above the horizon as seen from a point near the intersection of N. Decatur Road and Clairemont Rd. in Decatur GA, just east of Emory University. The track appeared to be slightly east of me, at its highest point it would have been within 25 degrees of the zenith (though I only saw the last 20 or so degrees of its path) and the apparent heading was about 20-30 degrees E. of due south.

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