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North Texas, Oklahoma Bright Meteor Fireball Leaves Long Duration Radar Reflection Signal 09JUL2011

"Biggest hit ever on radar" says James Beauchamp, operator of the Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera in Oklahoma City. "If you look closely, there's a high altitude airliner driving right towards it (the other tone in the radar audio).  They got one hell of a show", Beauchamp explains. The event, also captured by Kevin Palivec who operates the Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera in Hawley TX, occured at 09:07:37 UTC (04:07:37 CDT) 09JUL2011 and both captures are shown below. Enjoy!

All sky camera capture with radar reflection audio from OKC-
Keep listening after the initial hit to hear the overdense cloud hit the radar.

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From Hawley, TX direct view camera looking north toward OKC
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