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BREAKING METEOR/FIREBALL NEWS...LARGE, BRIGHT Oregon/Washington/California Meteor Fireball Reported To ELPALLSKY...Sonic Booms Indicated ~3:20 a.m. PDT 25JUL2011

Significant/Major Fireball With Sonic Booms Washington State/Oregon...Photos and/or videos & additional reports needed! Please forward to wxtx01@gmail.com...Thank You!! 

NOTE FROM ELPALLSKY...Obviously, we cannot respond individually to each of you who took your valuable time to send in your reports on this major meteor event, so we say to you here and now collectively, OUR PROFOUND THANKS TO EACH OF YOU FOR YOUR DILIGENCE AND CONGRATULATIONS ON WITNESSING WHAT SOME MAY NEVER GET TO SEE. THANK YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE!!! NOW...it's time to put the media to work and earn their makeup! We ask each of you to contact as many TV and radio stations as well as newspapers and ask them to look into possible video capture sources such as...security cams, police/sheriff/state police dash cams, DOT cams, state and national park cams, utility company cams, airport cams...well, you get the idea, yes? THANK YOU ALL!

Email from:
Corinne H.-Klamath Falls, OR...First Report to ELPALLSKY:
I just witnessed the "meteor" tonight driving with my boyfriend who also saw it. going North on Hwy 39 in Klamath Falls Oregon. This was the Biggest meteor i have ever seen! the size was comparable with the moon and it left a very long green streak behind it. The time was about 3:20 am... It went from the left down to the right and looked like it was disapating near the end but then i could not see it any longer. this was seriously scary, so any sort of answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.   looking into it Corinne. Thank you for posting! Did you observe an overall color?  Green, very very green!  thank you Corinne!

Jody H.-Albany, OR:
I was over trapping cats in Corvallis, OR, behind a nursing home, for spay neuter, which is what I do.  I was looking for something on my passenger side seat and heard a raccoon out by my trap, chirping to her babies, so I looked back over, and out my window.  Just at that moment, the sky lit up.  HUGE fireball, streaming fire in at least three places, lit up the sky, to the south and east of my location.  Saw it about 30 degrees from my line of sight between the ground and the object.  There had been a lot silent lightning (too far off to hear thunder), but this was something else and at first I thought it was a plane going down or a UFO or something.  I figure it must have been a meteor.  I heard nothing. Color was black with lots of orange fire.

Tyler L.-Portland, OR:
I was sitting in my room looking out my window which faces southeast and at approximately 3:15/3:16 a.m. I saw a very large greenish yellow object moving horizontally from west to east rapidly. I only caught a slight glimpse of it, as my window isn't very wide. I would say that it's perceived distance would be that of a relatively low flying large airplane. Size wise, i can't really say how it stacks up compared to the moon. It wasn't alarmingly large, but the colors and closeness did startle me quite a bit.
Looking forward to a possible explanation!

Walker-Bremerton, OR:
Witnessed this morning around 318am while driving south on hwy 303 here in bremerton washington. We had low level cloud cover overnight and this fireball was in front of the cloud cover. Large, as in same size as the moon in appearance, big green debris tail. One of the most impressive I've seen...
Kind of creepy close.

Aimee S.-Woodland, WA:
I was in woodland, wa around 3:20ish am and seen a flaiming ball of green with a trail of sparks behind it.. going from west to east, what is it? My Boyfriend had also seen it in amboy,wa a short time after I did.

Terre M.-Portland, OR:
Sitting on my porch in Portland,Or around midnight on Jul.24.2011, facing WSW, I saw a streak in the sky starting at about 11o'clock arcing towards 4o'clock.  At about the 12o'clock line it formed a ball and a split second later blew to pieces.  I could see the fragmentation.  Size comparison, standing 10ft from a wall, the streak was the size of a piece of flat dental floss and the ball the size of a lg pea. The fragmentation looked like a sparkler.  Total time lapse was about 1 1/2 seconds.  My guess the fallout landed well into the Pacific Ocean.

Jenny R.-Bellingham, WA:
My husband and I were driving to the Bellingham airport (Whatcom County, WA) this morning and at 3:18 a.m. we saw a huge white fireball/star SLOWLY move across the sky before trees blocked it from our view. We were heading directly south and it was moving west to east, looking like it was going to head into the ground. We could not figure out what it was as it was too big and moved too slow to be a "shooting star." I googled this morning and was glad to come across your site and see that we were not the only ones that saw it!

Matt W. & Shiloh D.-Klamath Falls, OR:
So last night at about 3:15 -.3:20 Me and 2 other friends were hanging out on our rooftop where we like to drink and watch the sky for satellites or shooting stars on our days off, when observed the meteor from start to finish. At first sight it looked like a shooting star or satellite, leaving no trail behind it until it came into the atmosphere. We heard the very vague sonic boom as it went past, at this point sounding like a F-16 going through the sky. After it appeared to hit the atmosphere it began to leave a trail and became very bright looking like a fireball going through the sky. the sound continuted probably 5-10 seconds after it dissapeared. My guess was it traveled a good five to sixhundred miles across the sky.  It appeared to have started from south-western skys of Oregon and looked to be heading north-east toward Washington or Canada.  Yes it did look very big and powerful, but I think people are over exaggerating by saying it looked like the size of the moon, don't get me wrong it was very big and amazing. If anyone has questions or and other info on it in regards to it hiting the earth please email me.  mworrell17@gmail.com

Kelsey C.-Sherwood, OR:
I saw something like a meteor early this morning, July 25. I wasn't
conscientious enough to look at the time, but it would have been
between 3:00am and 4:00am. I'm guessing closer to 3:00. I live in
Sherwood, Oregon and saw pass through a southward facing window. It
traveled right to left (west to east) at a slightly downward angle. I
estimate it took 2 seconds to traverse the 4 foot window. The
brightest part of it was a little smaller than the size of my little
finger nail at arm's length. The glow from it was very blue, and lit
up the sky at least as well as a full moon would (or it seemed to from
my limited view). It wasn't very high over the horizon. If I went back
and measured the window's height and were I was sitting, I could
probably come up with a pretty good estimate on its angle. I'd be
interested to know anymore information on it!

Brian J.-Portland, OR:
I saw the fireball last night!
Bright ball with greenish tail.
I was facing south on NE 24th and Broadway, meteor was  moving west to east.
Any info? I notified KGW news, but was the first to call in.

Caelan D.-Tualatin, OR:
I was stargazing with my girlfriend in a field next to an elementary school, in the King City/Tigard area, when sometimes after 3 AM but before 3:30, there was a bright flash across the sky to the south. My girlfriend noticed it first, and told me to look. It was the largest falling star I've ever seen. It lit the sky up with a bluish light, and the meteor itself had a greenish trail, and chunks were slowly coming off of it, as it sailed across the sky from west to east. It was in the sky for at least 5-7 seconds. It looked like a firework. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Bryan S.-Yreka, Northern CA:
I was driving north on the 5 in California by Yreka and saw the bright light at about 3:20am July 25. It looked like a pod streaking across the sky. It was slower then a normal shooting star. The colors looked like a firework. It was bright white with green and a few other colors. It lasted about maybe 7 seconds. I saw it go over the mountains from left to right. I have never seen anything like that

Zac P.-Vancouver, WA:
At about 3:18 I saw a fireball streak across the sky south of my location in Vancouver, Washington, traveling from west to east.  The tail was visible across the entire sky view from my bedroom.  At the head it was was extremely bright, maybe greenish-yellow and appeared to have some larger pieces falling off of it 2-3 times.  I didn't hear anything that I associated with the fireball, but we had been experiencing thunder and lightening on and off all night, which actually culminated in a storm cell that moved in about 4:30.

Sandi B.-Sisters, OR:
I was sleeping outside near Sisters, Oregon, when I was awakened by a very bright light.  I saw a fireball shooting across the northern sky, from west to east.  The ball was huge and bright white.  The tail was across at least half the sky and throwing sparks.  It looked like a fireworks rocket shooting sideways.  This was at a little after 3:00 a.m.  Shortly after, there was a big boom or rumble I thought perhaps was thunder (though there was no lightening).

Holly D.-Tualatin, OR:
Hi, Don't know if this is related to the 3:20 a.m. event but didn't think it would hurt to report what me and my friend saw from our balcony late last night - early this morning in Tualatin, Oregon.  We were sitting on our third story balcony, facing SW and enjoying the cool, clear night.... we noticed so much activity!  At first we thought there were tons of satellites but then they started acting really strange... not moving at all like satellites and we wondered if we were witnessing UFOs?  My friend had a laser light and decided to point it at one since it was obviously not an airplane.  When she did this, what looked like shooting stars came out of the north sky toward where she pointed the light!  And then what looked like a comet with a blue front and green tail shot across the sky from the NE to SW as well and disappeared!  We witnessed four or five bright flashes in the east sky between midnight and one a.m. too.  I was just searching the net to see if any one else saw and reported what we experienced and that's how I found you. Hope this helps!

C. and N.-Santa Cruz, CA:
My boyfriend and I were walking on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA when we saw a giant fireball in the sky.  It was huge and flaming bright orange and red.  The time was about 11pm.  At first I thought it was a burning airliner, but realized it was just too huge to be a plane, moving much too quickly, and again flaming.  My boyfriend was really freaked out that it was some kind of UFO.  It shot across the whole span of the sky in about a minute.  Then it got much smaller and smaller, it came to a stop, and disappeared into the shape of a normal star.  As it disappeared we could see trails of it left behind.  It was the most unbelievable thing we have ever seen in our lives. I saw other posts on your blog from folks in Oregon and LA and elsewhere that saw fireballs later in the evening.  Anyone else report seeing what we did?
Thanks! C and N

Tyler P.-On The Road In WA:
My uncle and I were driving south on 167 in Washington and at first thought it was an airplane until it started flying real fast and fire was falling off of it lasted awhile saw the whole thing it was amazing

Bob H.-Camping In The Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon:
Two friends and I were camping near Middle and North Sister over the weekend. We were attempting to climb North Sister and were heading west up a snowfield with brilliant stars above. We turned off our head lamps to take in the occasional shooting stars. At around 3:15 am, we all saw a fireball move somewhat slowly through the sky directly in front of us, heading from south to north. Blue and orange flames seemed to radiate around it, then calmed down briefly, then seemed to get more active. About a minute later, we heard a distant rumble that we though might be thunder but now think it might have been a sonic boom created by this meteor. None of us had seen anything like it before and were stunned. It seemed so surreal to see this object on fire passing before our eyes. We've been talking about it all day. Glad that others also saw the same thing. At least we weren't hallucinating.

Cindy H.-Redding, CA:
This morning at about 3:16 a.m. while driving north on Highway 5 near Redding CA, I witnessed a meteor traveling west to east at about 30 degrees.  It appeared to be about ¼ to ½ the size of a full moon, bright green, and traveling at a speed which allowed us to view it for at least 3 seconds before it was obscured by a hill.  Any idea where it landed? Nevada? Idaho? Wyoming?  Very exciting to see.   Cindy in Oregon  

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***If you are searching for information about this fireball and witnessed it, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.*** 

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My daughter and I were both awakened two times by what sounded like sonic booms at around 3:00 - 3:30 a.m. The second one was louder than the first. Half asleep, I listened for rain, looked at the window for flashes of lightning, but saw nothing.
Beaverton, OR 7/25/2011

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