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F.I.T.S. Inquiries Suggest Possible New York State Green Meteor Fireball 17JUL2011...Seen Also From Canada, Email Confirmation

Fireball Internet Traffic Sources Point To Meteor Fireball Event Over NY, NJ ~04:00 a.m. EDT 17JUL2011-Email Confirmation Submitted To ELPALLSKY

This is possibly a SIGNIFICANT/MAJOR fireball event !!  Eyewitness reports are needed. Video, photos etc...please submit to ELPALLSKY for publication/analysis. Help others to see what you saw...FILE A REPORT  HERE  Thank you!

E-mail From:
Montreal Approach-ATC- Montreal, Quebec Canada
Location: montreal control tower (CYUL)
Time:0900z (0400 lcl)
Direction of sighting: south (toward the U.S. Border)
Comments: large greenish-white falling object fell in 2 phase. 1st the object was bigger followed by some kind of halo, then the object was smaller but as bright.

Frederick-Montreal, Quebec Canada:
Bonjour, Mon nom est Frédéric, il était 4h06 sur l'horloge dans la voiture lorsque nous avons vu cette boule de feu qui persait le ciel à une vitesse extraordinaire. C'était une lumière blanche et très brillante. Il était évident qu'il ne s'agissait pas d'une étoile filante. J'ai regardé les nouvelles le lendemain, mais aucune note de ce phénomène. Je n'avais jamais rien vu de tel. Lorsque l'objet a persé le ciel, il a explosé à la manière d'un feu d'artifice.  Nous étions près de Montréal, direction ouest lorsque le tout est arrivé.  Nous étions à la position approx. Latitude: 45° 31' 60'' Nord Longitude: 73° 20' 60''. L'objet semblait très proche de la terre et donnait l'impression de tomber quelque part au Nord des États-Unis, probablement vers le Sud-Ouest des États-Unis. Nous sommes 4 personnes à l'avoir vu, c'était impossible de ne pas le voir si on regardait dans cette direction.
Merci et en espérant le tout utile! Fred

James B.-On The Road In NJ:
I was driving north on the NJ turnpike 3 miles south of I-195, and I just happened to look left and saw a very bright light streak across the sky also heading in a northern direction. Halfway through it's visible flight of about 1.5 seconds it flashed very brightly, then it was gone. I wasn't able to hear any sounds being that i was in a big rig with the windows up, and i only wish i could have gotten a photo or video of it, but alas, none. I did some searching and some said they saw one at about 4:00 am but i'm almost certain that when i looked at my phone it said 3:05 am. I've never seen one before so big and bright, compared to a full moon being that the moon has been pretty big the past couple days, i would estimate you could fit 50 in the size of my view of the moon. I'm sending it to you this way since i can't use outlook.

Maureen A.- Morrisville, NY:
I was walking the dogs at shortly after 4 AM on July 17, 2011. There was a flash (like lightning) that lit up the sky and I looked and saw what looked like a fireworks- little pieces scattering and then one big piece flying through the air. Just before looking up I heard a "sizzle" sort of sound for a second. It wasn't as big as a full moon, but it was bigger than the biggest stars. Coolest thing I have ever seen. My husband thinks I'm making it up. Location is Morrisville, NY. I was facing east and the fireball was above and to my right and traveled from west to east. (Could've been a bit north-east)  Like I said, it lit the outdoors just like lightning so I looked up and heard the sizzle and saw a bunch of pieces (like a fireworks) and then the one big piece flew for maybe a second (seemed longer, but probably wasn't) and it was just very very bright, like whitish in color. (I didn't see any green, even when it was in a bunch of pieces it just looked whitish). Hope this helps! Again, it was SO cool to see!

Jim and Dianne T.-St. Rt. 90:
approx @ 4:10 this morning driving south east on state rt. 90 towards Homer, NY I saw a large green flash in the sky it went across towards the north. a few seconds later in the sky towards the south i saw what looked like lightning. The green was very bright. It really scared me at first then i realized it must have been some type of meteor or fire ball. It was very cool to see. I called home at 7am to ask my husband if he had stayed awake
after i had left the house and if he had seen it. He did not see it

Sarah J.-Aurora-Cayuga Lake NY:
I SAW IT!!!  It was the coolest thing I have ever seen.  I was camping in my back yard in my pop-up trailor.  I was just falling asleep and happened to open my eyes and saw a VERY BIG, VERY BRIGHT white light. Then I noticed it was Green around the outside.  It wasn't moving fast like the little ones do during a meteor shower this was much slower but it didn't take very long to go by.  I started hitting my husband and before he could wake up and look over it was gone.  It fell like that for a few seconds and then went away and came back in a big bright orange fire color and flamed out.  It was spectacular and kind of Armageddon-like.  There is a planet up there that I had been looking at all night and it was MUCH bigger than that!  If the planet was a pea then this was volleyball to basketball sized.   I looked at my watch after I finally realized what had just happened and it was 4:15 a.m., I figure 5 minutes had gone by since the start.  I was so hoping for another!  Aurora, NY (not Buffalo/Rochester East Aurora the other Aurora on Cayuga Lake)
more from Sarah...Sorry I am so excited that I didn't read everything that you asked for... I was laying on my back facing South and could see it clearly in approximately the 11:00 position. It was not directly overhead, I had to move my eyes down to see it but I didn't have to move my head. It was moving in a south or (Southwest) to northeast pattern.  It just appeared so it is hard to say that it was definitely came from a specific direction.  I didn't hear anything, like I said before, I was just about to fall asleep and my eyes opened.  I might of heard something and that is why my eyes opened or maybe the brightness.  It was much brighter than the moon and MUCH bigger than the moon at that time.  The moon was hidden by the roof of the camper and I think it was lower than where the meteor started.  There was some fragmentation when it came back the second time.  I saw some orange much smaller pieces.  When it came back it was much smaller like a tennis ball.  I could only see the planet so that is what I have to compare it to.  I am very excited and I can't believe I actually saw it!

Nathan D.-Location on Graphic Below:
Just to send in another report of seeing the large green burning object. Seemed to have a substantial mass to it and disappeared over the horizon
Traveling south to north. Here is a  rough estimate of the spot I was facing when seeing the meteor. It was quite amazing and look forward to hearing more reports or if it struck the earth or anything! Hope this is helpful at all! Have a great day!

Lynn L.-Cos Cob, CT USA:
I SAW IT!! I live in Cos Cob (Greenwich) CT and at approximately 1:47 am July 17, 2011, I noticed something odd in the sky outside my bedroom window. I got to to observe a red/orange/yellow ball, travelling slowy, in a straight line, across the sky in the distance. It was parallel to the ground and moving right to left (west to east). It didn't seem to be going away from me, or coming in my direction either. It just moved slowly in a straight line. After about 40 seconds, the "light" went out and it was gone.
I thought a UFO, or possible a plane with one engine on fire, as it was definitely NOT descending or ascending. I'm happy to hear it wasn't a plane!
  additional email from Lynn...PLEASE NOTE that the time that I saw "something" that appeared to be a fireball, it was approx 1:47 am today, NOT 4 am as others are saying. AND it was not GREEN, but reddish-orange-yellow in color. Not ascending or descending either. Moving right to left (west to east). It was very bright, and I believe that the color and brightness is what likely caught my eye, as I way lying in bed, watching tv on a big 52" screen, that is about feet away from that particular window, and the tv in on the adjacent wall to the window wall. There is no reason for me to have been looking out the window, but the glow far up in the sky must have caught my peripheral vision to make my eyes move from the tv to the left, where that window is. That window looks out to the east, and I was looking up and to my right; the glowing ball was moving right to left (west to east). From the time I noticed it, to the time it suddenly stopped glowing, was about 40 seconds. Please email me if you need more details. I did call a friend at 2 am to discuss it, and we both said what a shame I didn't have my video camera at my beside, or my still camera.

Eric M.-Quebec, Canada:
I was driving in Gatineau (Québec), towards Ottawa (Ontario) and saw that huge fireball in the sky. It went from red/orange/yellow with a white center and then changed to a blue/greenish color. It was a bit bigger than the moon. I never saw something like that in my whole life and was waiting for a big ''boom'', but nothing. I guess it just disintegrated in the atmosphere. It was 4:05 am on July 17th 2011.

Paul K.-Queens, NY:
Sitting on top of my roof in Astoria queens and three of us witnessed the brightest/largest shooting star ever! It ended up green going north and broke into two pieces, the whole thing lasted long enough for me to stand up and yell about how crazy that this was!!!

Laura L.-Penn Yan, NY:
My name is Laura, I was in Penn Yan, NY on a back porch facing east. Just after 4:00AM on July 17th 2011 I saw through the trees a very bright bluish light. I have seen shooting stars and it didn't look like anything I had ever seen before. It was brighter than the moon, larger than a star, but smaller than the full moon. It was brighter at the front and had like a tail of light following it. It was going at a downward angle going slightly to the left, i think traveling north east. A second or two after it went out of my sight from the trees I did see the sky light up from that direction almost like a flash of lightning from a distance. I didn't hear any sounds during or after it happened. Was a very beautiful sight and I hope that this can help in any research you are doing.

Eric N.-Oceanside, NY:
On 7/17/11 at about 4:05 AM EST, I was driving Northbound in Oceanside, NY when I observed a meteor in the sky to my left, approximately West-Northwest of my location.  I initially thought it was fireworks; it started out orange-white, but turned to a green-white as it increased in intensity.  I first observed it to the West, and it appeared to travel in a Northerly direction at a downward angle.  It streaked, flared bright green-white, and appeared to fragment as it dissipated, but it was difficult to see at that point due to houses and trees.  As I was in a moving vehicle, I did not see the origination of the meteor nor did I hear any sounds.  It was quite bright.

Neal S.-Rochester, NY:
I was sitting on my porch around 4AM smoking a cigarette and looked up and saw a BRIGHT green object fall from the sky until it went below the roofs of the houses across the street. then there was a flash. This was seen from Rochester NY. It was brighter than any other shooting star i ever have seen in 32 years of being alive.

Xavier O.-Stamford, CT:
Hi, I don't know if this helps but today around 3:30am, I was in my
room but outside I saw what looked like a green fireball/meteor. I
live in Stamford, Connecticut 109 Tresser Blvd. and saw it 315*
NorthWest. I wan't to know about this too.

Chester J.-Rochester, NY:
I was Eastbound on I490 east of Rochester,NY approx 4:05 AM Sunday 7/17. Saw a white/orange glowing streak low in the sky (northbound). It then exploded into a orange fireball & disappeared. CAJ

Karen C.-Queensbury, NY:
Wow! So glad to see and hear off others that witnessed this. Here’s how this event unfolded for me and my husband.
My husband and I both work nights in the production department at The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. We had both recently arrived to our home in Queensbury, N.Y. and sat down on our back porch to admire the (near) full moon and beautifully calm, crisp and clear night. As we were talking with one another and staring in a slightly south-westward direction into the sky, suddenly a flash appeared that looked like heat lightning, but there wasn’t a cloud in sight and absolutely no sound. Then a large bright light that resembled a golf ball quickly appeared, and then faded away into the blackish-blue background of the sky. This all happened in a moment’s time and we were both in shock at what we saw. I said, “What time is it? We need to document this moment.” Bill looked at the clock and it read 4:10 a.m., July 17, 2011. We were both a bit nervous at first. I even suggested in jest, “This might be the end of the world. Maybe were going to explode from a meteor crash. We better hug and kiss each other, NOW!” And we did… and here we still are today. That’s our story and we are sticking to it! We feel so lucky to have witnessed it

Matilda H.-On The Road In PA:
Just fount your website as I was trying to find out what me and my sister seen we was heading north on the Pennsylvania turnpike about 8 miles short of the final toll both at about4:10 we seen an amazing green and white glowing ball falling west to east it happened with in a few seconds it looked huge and when it was no longer able to been seen within a few second a green flash came like lighten kinda scary yet amazing this is the second one I've seen this year we had seen the one back in feburary it was a day time fall is there something going on I've truthfully never seen them before this large and noticeable thanks

Pam In CT:
I live in Hamden, CT. Got up at 4:10 am on Sunday, July 17, 2011, and looked out the window, facing northwest and saw green streak in the sky. The very end was bright red. Very cool to see. It happened so quickly, I wondered what it was.

Jeffrey J.In NJ:
I live in Elizabeth NJ with north facing windows. At 4:05 AM I saw a bright green streak in the sky descending at a steep angle (45 degrees?) It SEEMED rather close but I heard nothing. It seemed to disappear before hitting the ground, but since I'm unsure of the distance it might've been behind the mountains or horizon.

Kevin C.In PA:
My name is Kevin. I witnessed the fireball from beginning as a bright white light streaking downward to the final explosion in what looked like a mortar of fireworks. I was in Factoryville, Pa. facing north to northeast just after 4:00am. The fireball was much larger than most meteorites I have seen. From my perspective, the object first appeared around 70 degrees high. It streaked downward in the sky and away from me, finally exploding around 35 to 40 degrees high. I don't recall seeing any other colors in the streak nor the explosion and I did not hear any sound. Again, from perspective, the fireball looked to be heading toward Upstate N.Y. or Canada. I have never seen a meteorite explode like this one did. The initial streak was very bright, lighting up the sky. Then it seemed to dim briefly and then the explosion, which also lit the sky and ground. I was able to see the object fragment and each piece glowed for a split second before burning up. In my opinion, the object seemed to have completely burned up after exploding and I did not see any fragments below 30 degrees or so.

From The "Chatbox":
Jul 17 2011, 1:19 PM Guest738 (guest): 
I witnesses something lastnight in Long Island , Ny around 10:45pm. Originally I thought it was a shooting star.. But it was so slow moving.. Too slow.. Then I thought it was a plane on fire.. I have no idea what I saw last night all I do know is that it was very low to the ground, bright orange orb like and very big in size. Then it flew up, heading east and zoomed away.. It wasnt a baloon, helicopter, it was weird!
Jul 17 2011, 1:55 PM Guest617 (guest):  
Bright green fireball/comet/not sure what it was. I was headed north on NJ Turnpike between exit 6 and 7 roughly 4 am the object appeared out of the sky to the west the light caught my attention from the corner of my eye, when I turned to fully look at it the object which was about as luminous as a clear full moon but green in color and was falling very fast in what direction appeared to be towards the earth. once the object fell out of eye sight I am almost certain I saw a green phase-like halo which may have come from the object making contact, if not the object was close enough to the planet to cast light on objects within eyesight

F.I.T.S. Inquiries:

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***If you are searching for information about this fireball and witnessed it, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.*** 


mirekulous said...

yes.. seen huge flash (no sound) around 4am. Preston Hollow NY

Anonymous said...

Javier, 19jul2011, Texas.Both me and my son saw it, it was about quarter size of the moon, green with a yellow tail. We were walking in the park, it was traveling north, slightly descending, lasted about six seconds, from Mcallen, Texas, around pm.

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