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F-I-T-S Inquiries Suggest Florida Orange/Green Meteor Fireball 24JUL2011

Fireball Internet Traffic Sources Inquiries: 24JUL2011
Kissimmee, Florida arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Breaking Meteor News...Large Green Gulf Fireball 6:00 am EST 25JAN2011..." by searching for meteor even florida july 25. 23:37:12 -- 3 minutes ago

Windermere, Florida arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for orange glow turns green falling from sky.
23:26:34 -- 14 minutes ago

West Palm Beach, Florida arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Breaking Meteor News...Major Large Bright Green Fireball Bolide AL-SC-GA-FL 10-10:15 PM EDT 29APR2011...Sonic Booms Reported" by searching for bolide meteor florida.
01:26:54 -- 1 hour 42 mins ago

***If you are searching for information about this fireball and witnessed it, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.***  

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Anonymous said...

I saw this fireball last night 07/25/2011 @ approxamilty 1:30 AM.. I was sitting in my back porch of my home in Lake Worth Florida.. I was facing North, when I saw a Huge fireball red & orange with a huge long green tail that followed it, it was goin east to west. I saw it in the sky for what seemed to be about 6 or 7 seconds. Didnt see it stop just continued its path until I couldnt see anymore. It was amazing and scary at the same time.

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