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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Meteor Fireball 10:30-11:00pm ADT 25JUN2011
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DANIELLE V.-Halifax Nova Scotia:
Good afternoon, My name is Danielle. Saturday evening I was watching some tv in my living room and noticed that the neighbourhood was suddenly light up with a reddish glow, with a minor flicker. My first assumption was that there must be some firetrucks down the street but once I looked out the window, I saw this bright red ball of fire, going through the sky, about half the size of a full moon, and just before it went over the tree line, it appeared to loose it’s glow, but you could still see it, it looked like it had a slight wiggle from side to side to it, before I lost sight of it over the tree line. It was just a matter of seconds, I had my iphone in my hand and attempted to access my camera, but it was gone before I had a chance to photograph it. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it was breath taking!

***If you are searching for information about a meteor fireball that you witnessed, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.***

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