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BREAKING METEOR FIREBALL NEWS...Fragmenting Blue/Green Bolide Central And North Texas ~11:40pm CDT 14JUN2011

Bright Fireball North And Central Texas Fragments As Skywatchers Describe

***If you witnessed this fireball, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Please include time, date, your location, which way you were facing, direction the object traveled (left to right etc.), color, any fragmentation, sounds (booms, sizzles, hisses etc.). Thank you!***

Email From:
Kent M.-On The Road-TX:
So, it took me a while, but here is the info:
I left the Hertz garage at George Bush Int. at 11:08, says my receipt.  About half an hour later, heading toward Woodlands on I45, just south of Spring.  So driving  about 5 degrees west of north, I spotted the lit object falling slightly eastward from straight down.  I recall it being an orange color before it disappeared behind trees or a freeway ramp.
Best regards,

Joe C.-Baird, TX:
I was traveling east towards Weatherford,Tx on June14,2011 around 11:30 pm on I-20 when me and my wife both saw what appeared to be a meteor streak across the sky directly in front of us and break apart right before impacting the ground. It was traveling from the SE to NW. We were around mile marker 290 around Baird,Texas . I've seen meteors/falling stars before but  they were always streaking across the sky. This was the closest i've ever seen one and it appeared to actually impact the earth not burn out in the night sky like the ones i'd seen before.It was an amazing sight. We were traveling back from Colorado on vacation and i decided to search the internet and see if anyone else saw what we saw and thats when i ran across your site.   thank you Joe!

Gerry-Chandler, TX:
Sent from my iPod chandler Texas 75758 it was 11:40 ish it was almost baby blue it looked to me to break into 3 pieces saw out of the corner of my eye turned my head and saw it once in a lifetime Gerry cool   thank you Gerry!

Julie-Conroe, TX:
11:34 PM Central Standard time Tuesday June 14, just saw a pretty good sized fire ball come from the south heading North North West. I am located 30 miles north of George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I am just slightly west of city limits of Conroe, TX. Looked as though it fell in-line with the south/north route of I-45. White orange in color. Clear FLAME trail behind it, made no sound.   excellent report Julie. Thank you!
followup from Julie: Was slightly above tress in sky from south, lost it in tree line to my NNW. Hope it helps!     indeed it does! Thanks again.

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