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UPDATE...Colorado Green Meteor Fireball 03MAY2011 Captured By Denver Science Museum All Sky Camera...

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Raymond G.-Denver CO:
Last night - May 3 around 11 PM - I went out on my west facing porch here at S. Steele Street and Louisiana in Denver, and was stunned to see what looked like a firework exploding to the west, northwest, over the city of Denver. Very bright chunks of light, lasting very briefly, and then disappearing. I thought it was fireworks at first, but it clearly was something else. So I got on line first thing this morning, and saw your website.
I hope this is helpful, and look forward to hearing more.   so do we, and thanks Raymond!

Leslie C.-Denver CO:
Hi, I just came across your website when searching online for something similar to what I saw in the sky tonight (may 3rd tues). I live just north of downtown denver, and went out in the backyard to hang up laundry when I saw it just past the rooftops- it was really close- about the size of your hand when you hold it up compared to the stars. it was greenish blue like a really hot flame with white/yellowish around it and a tail. I think I was facing west or slightly southwest and it went from left to right very low in the sky.  It looked like it landed maybe 20 blocks away or something. I thought someone was shooting off a firework at first, but it was so huge and rectangular in shape, not round. Have you heard from anyone else about this? Is it a fireball or something else? Please let me know if you find out. Thanks, Leslie   Excellent report, thank you Leslie! Time?

 UPDATE...Green Fireball Captured By Denver Museum of Nature and Science All Sky Meteor Camera at 10:29 P.M. MDT 03MAY2011
image courtesy Cloudbait Observatory and Chris Peterson

 ***More eyewitness reports are needed on this fireball event. If you saw it, please email us at wxtx01@gmail.com with details including time, date, location, which way you were facing, direction object traveled (right to left etc. is OK), color, any fragmentation or extremely bright flashes, and any sounds heard i.e. booms, hisses etc. Thank you for your report***

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