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Major Bolide Italia 01:57:55 UTC 29APR2011...

From The Italian Meteor and Transient Luminous Event Network(IMTN) 29APR2011-01:57:55 UTC
The meteoroid was switched to 100 km above sea level, 61 km SW of Rome in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, has passed for 142 km with a mean (above ground) of 22 ° and an azimuth of 213 ° (SW -> NE ), completing the course in atmospheric N 2 km of Arrochar (TR). Average air speed 30 km / s. The ride is reported to track partial recovery from Abruzzo (distance, start and end, as the crow flies: 240 km and 112 km), more complete than recovery from the station Lazio (82 km, 46 km, 98 km) . The apparent radiation indicates a probable Virginide, complex system of subradianti eclitticale in area close to the Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

Orbital Elements (J.2000)

2334 AU semi-major axis
Eccentricity 0829
Inclination 23.5 °
The ascending node longitude 218.27 °
Perihelion argument to 109.33 °
Perihelion distance to UA 0400
Aphelion distance of 4268 AU

Asteroidal origin.

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