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Initial Landfall Estimations For Canadian Bolide Of 14MAY2011

Finnish Meteor Physics Expert Esko Lyytinen Calculates Initial Impact Area Of Canadian Bolide Based On Single Camera Solution
I have some rough one-station results, based on fitting to mutually timed observations. This means that the direction of entry will be got from the angular velocity changes. ( Also the deceleration is from this, but the deceleration affects mostly near the end, and can be got as separate at least roughly in good instances.)
The whole track must be scaled by getting a resonable start height.
The entry velocity of 22 km/s would correspond the start height of 86 km. The end, behind clouds, but allready dimming fast, is got at 19 kilometers.
It arrived from az direction 17 with the slope of 39 degrees. I expect the accuracy of these to be a few degrees ( if I did the star identifications correctly).
This would mean a good size meteorite down. It would have fallen very roughly about 60 km to the SW of the camera station. But I would hope that some other camera also captured this.
Initial Impact Area AB-BC Bolide 14MAY2011 (c)2011 ELPALLSKY & Google Earth

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