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Coincidental Australia ISS Fly-Over AND Early Morning Large Bright Green Bolide Event Confuse Perth Residents, Astronomers, And Local Media 10MAY2011

Local Astronomers And Media In Perth Australia Pass Off May 10 Morning Fireball Bolide As ISS...Somewhat Substantiable, BUT WRONG.

In Fact, there was a visible ISS (International Space Station) pass over Perth Australia the morning of May 10th, 2011 at 22:05 UTC (06:05 a.m. AWST). Problem is, the fireball/bolide sightings ranged from 05:45 a.m. to 05:51 a.m....15 to 20 minutes BEFORE the ISS was to fly over the Southwestern coastal city, and while the Station was still over the Southern tip of Africa. At least one local astronomer passed it off simply as the ISS, and local media apparently did not bother to check out the huge discrepancy in timing. Below is a series of depictions from Orbitron (satellite tracking software) beginning at 5:45 a.m. and going through 06:05 a.m. showing the location of the ISS at 5 minute intervals. Based on numerous eyewitness reports, ELPALLSKY believes there, in fact, WAS a substantial meteor/bolide event. We are attempting to obtain images of the fireball and will post immediately if/when they are made available. In the graphics below, the time stamp on each is UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) and the date will show as May 9th, 2011. Click on each picture to enlarge.

21:45:00 UTC - 05:45:00 Local Time
21:50:00 UTC - 05:50:00 Local Time
21:55:00 UTC - 05:55:00 Local Time
22:00:00 UTC - 06:00:00 Local Time
22:05:00 UTC - 06:05:00 Local Time

E-mail Reports: 

From Mitch In Perth:
I saw the object coming down from the sky i was about Lederville / West Perth on my push bike heading to work, it was green really bright with a little tail and was losing bits as was going down, direction from south to north, it wasn't for sure the international spaceship, i saw it before and it's nothing like that, plus that object was clearly coming down and clearly really close and inside the atmosphere, i reckon could be landed around Bayswater Dianella suburb area.

 ***If you witnessed the fireball/bolide event, please e-mail wxtx01@gmail.com with details of your sighting. If you have or know of photos or video of the event, we would like to post them for confirmation and to share with others who witnessed it. Thank you!***


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