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Bright Florida Meteor Fireball 22MAY2011 Captured By Melbourne, FL Sandia Sentinel All Sky Camera...

Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera At Florida Institute Of Technology-Melbourne, FL Captures Bright Fireball Reported To ELPALLSKY By A Reader...Event Time-04:04:47 UTC (12:04:47 am EDT) 22MAY2011

From The "Chat Window":

May 22 2011... Guest29 (guest):
As odd as it seems, my boyfriend Michael and I were sitting on our back porch May 22, 2011 in the middle of a conversation about the whole end of the earth prediction being silly. Suddenly we saw a very beautiful brilliant green, rather large and for lack of knowledge we will call it a “fireball” falling NE across the sky. It was visible for what seemed like a minute but in reality was probably only seconds. It seemed so low to the earth that after it happened, we both said we thought we would surely hear something crash into the earth but never heard a sound. We checked the clock and it was shortly after midnight. Our latitude and Longitude is near 28°5’N/80°36W. Surprised you didn’t hear me scream, “Did you see that, that was awesome?!!” Because it was just that, AWESOME! Could you provide any information as to what we saw? Thank you    you bet! here is what you saw...enjoy!

image and movie courtesy Dwayne Free-Florida Institute Of Technology-Melbourne, FL-Sandia Sentinel All Sky Fireball Camera Network...in each, North is up and East is left

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