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BREAKING METEOR NEWS...UPDATE...EAS NEWS...UPDATE...NASA Releases Initial Imagery Of Widely Seen 20MAY2011 GA, AL Fireball Bolide

FROM ELPALLSKY...Thanks to all witnesses in AL, GA, FL, TN, and SC who emailed and left reports in the "chat window" !! about this significant event !!

NASA All Sky Cameras Capture Significant Alabama, Georgia Bolide Event Which Occured at 9:46pm CDT-10:46pm EDT 20MAY2011-(02:46:53 UTC 21MAY2011).

After scanning video cameras in Alabama and Georgia, NASA Meteoroid Environment Office Director Dr. Bill Cooke tells ELPALLSKY " this is by far the biggest and brightest event we have seen with our little network! You will note 3 distinct flares in the video, indicating 3 fragmentation events." Orbital data is being reduced and orbital, trajectory, and magnitude (visual brightness) solutions will be available soon. Bookmark this site and stay with ELPALLSKY for updates!

All Images Below Courtesy NASA-MSFC-MEO-EV44 Huntsville, AL
Videos Are Flipped Horizontally...In Videos Only, -North is down and East is left
image from Tellus Science Center-Cartersville, GA NASA All Sky Camera
click image to enlarge
image from Chickamauga, GA Nasa All Sky Camera
click image to enlarge

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