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AL, GA ,TN, NC, FL, Large Bright Green Fireball 20MAY2011...

Inquiries To ELPALLSKY Indicate Possible Green Fireball Seen Over Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee And Georgia 9:47 to 9:50pm CDT 10:47pm to 10:50pm EDT-20MAY2011

From The Chat Window:

May 22 2011, 5:40 PM Guest803 (guest): Dacula, Ga 5/20/2011 10:45pm a green fireball came buy and pulsed four times before i lost site of it

May 21 2011, 12:31 AM Guest120 (guest): Hello, Covington Ga, around 11-11:30pm, sitting in the backyard with several friends, when a flash of light quickly darted across the sky, as bright as a lightning storm, by the time we ran to see what it was it was gone. Can see streaks in the sky of where it passed through. It was to quick for us to see it, but it was so bright over my house, but I couldnt quite see it due to trees and my home in the way.

May 21 2011, 6:25 PM Guest191 (guest): I was sitting out in the street with my friends, celebrating the last day of school, when I suddenly saw a ball of green fire fly through the night sky. My friends also saw red and white in it, but it was truly amazing.

E-Mails From: 

P. Waller-Sandy Springs, GA:
On late Friday evening around 11:00pm, I walked out from dropping off mail at the post office on Glenridge Drive near Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs, Georgia, (@285 and Roswell Rd.) I looked up after seeing a huge streak of light forming across the sky directly above me. It came from the east and moved toward west's direction. It formed right before my eyes, beginning whitish blue in color and then faded to yellow then red until it was gone. It was so wide, I believe that I heard the sound of it's swooping. I could not believe what had just saw, so I yelled to cars passing by, "Did you see that?" They just kept driving by as if though I was "off my rocker." Could it be that I was the only one that saw it? No I thought. I mentioned it to a few people that evening as I returned home and they looked at me as if though I was crazy also, being synonyms with the "end of the world" claimed by a religous group that the world would end the following day. I am now relieved to know that there were many others that saw the huge light breaming across the sky.

Kelley C.-Greensboro, GA:
On Friday May 20, 2011 at approximately 11:00 pm we witnessed a huge blue fireball (or something) cross the sky.  At first it as blue and then turned orange.  It was gone in a flash but was absolutely beautiful and nothing we had ever seen before.  It was traveling west, northwest.  I would love to know more about it!

Trisha D.-Newton, AL:
My boyfriend and I were at the Continental Drive-In in Newton AL and we were facing north. Around 11PM, we were watching the new Pirates movie and behind the screen a brilliant, blazing ball of yellow/green flew for about ten seconds through the sky. It was incredible! I'm sure everyone at the drive-in watching that movie saw it. It looked REALLY close.

Starr82-Covington GA:
a friend and I were standing outside of work facing SE around 11p.m and saw the object, it moved in a seemingly straight line glowed green and lasted for about 15 seconds. the object was moving NW.

Susan In Ringgold, GA:
Friday, May 20, 2011 Ringgold, Georgia
Last night, like most nights I was sitting on my deck watching the sky. I'm in Ringgold, Georgia which borders Chattanooga, Tennessee. Just before 11:00 EST I spotted a very low light that at first I thought was fireworks because of it sparkly tail. It was traveling S to W-NW (used my compass to be sure) It was very short lived, maybe two seconds. It was neon green and it looked for all the world like it exploded, then it was gone. What looked like an explosion lit up the sky, but there was no sound? I follow meteor showers and they do make noise when they explode, so I'm confused. Immediately after it was gone there was a second explosion of light, still no sound. About thirty minutes later I did see a "falling star" but it was traveling in the opposite direction.

Steve H.-Atlanta, GA:
I believe I saw the very end of this fireball. I was walking my dog  along Starfire Drive NE in Atlanta (30345) When I looked up and saw a while light about the size of a cantaloupe only 40 or 50 feet above. It had a trail behind it and was completely soundless. After seeing it for a few seconds it burned out and silently disintegrated right above me. That was the weirdest thing. It seemed to end its journey right there. Poof and it was gone. Here is approx location. It came from a southerly direction.
Latitude = 33.8446, Longitude = -84.2811
Lat    = 33 degrees,   50.7 minutes   North
Long = 84 degrees,   16.9 minutes   West

Bryan N- Lilburn, GA:
22:47 EDT sitting in front yard facing west. Suddenly a brilliant green fireball streaked across the sky, lasting less than a second. It was so bright and low in the sky that at first I thought it was a firework. It was completely silent and moved at a rate of speed similar to meteors I have seen. It was the brightest thing of it's kind I've ever seen, and tweeted about it right away.

Ian H.-Madison Ga:
a little before 11 I was heading south on the highway and i looked out the passenger window and saw a bright green flashing ball of light with a trail of gold sparks, heading what looked like NW.  then it disappeared

Deana W-Enterprise, AL:
I saw it, too!  Thanks!
I was in the backyard for a cig, facing NE.  I live in SE Alabama (Enterprise).  It was heading north and rather low in the sky.  It came from the east, but there are trees in that direction, so I didn't see any point of origin.  It went behind more trees and houses, so I didn't see an ending either.  It did flash once or twice, but I couldn't hear anything.  It was a neon green/yellow in color.  I mentioned it on FB and a friend of mine who was driving in the area also mentioned she saw it.
thanks again!

I was sitting outside waiting to get off work me and like 10 guys sawa steaming light in the sky. A bright flash right in front of our eyes wow. First time witnessing that.

Justin F.-Smyrna, GA:
My wife and I saw a large blue/white/green streak of light over Smyrna, GA. We were facing southwest and it moved from left to right. We were able to see it for several seconds. It appeared to be very low. I guess it was a meteorite but I have never seen one this low before.

Krista F.-Panama City FL:
I was outside with neighbors and three of us saw BRIGHT yellow multiple streaks, then a flash of green ball, then a shorter line of yellow streaks, then a flash of green ball and then it seemed to disappear on the horizon. We are in Panama City Beach, FL and this was north to slightly northwest.

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Marietta, Georgia arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for atlanta may 19 2011 green and red commet or meteor.
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***If you saw this fireball event, please e-mail wxtx01@gmail.com with a description including time, date, location, which way you were facing, direction object traveled (right to left etc. is OK), color, any fragmentation or extremely bright flashes, and any sounds heard i.e. booms, hisses etc. Thank you for your report***


Anonymous said...

Did the meteor hit the ground in Ga. on 5/20/2011???

elp allsky said...

Not sure at this point. Because of the multiple visible detonations (flashes) along the flight path, it is very possible that fragments are scattered along a very long path through central and west-central GA, and possible just west of Atlanta metro. we'll know more later. Bookmark my site for updates. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Saw a bright white flash three times and a bright greenish blue flash twice real low on the eastern horizon. I think it was around 9:30 central time. It was very strange, wondering if was the same meteor??!

Anonymous said...

my wife told me she saw a bright green light flash in the sky 3 nights ago. and then last night 11-30-11 i saw the same thing in the sky above fayetteville ga. at around 10pm to 11pm not sure the correct time. it was headed north lasted for maybe 2 seconds no noise the i heard. very strange

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