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Daylight Meteor Fireball North Texas Oklahoma Area...REQUEST FOR OBSERVATIONS/REPORTS...01APR2011...


OKC Forward Scatter Radio Indicates Two Possibly Large Meteor Events...One Daytime Event...

by ELPALLSKY 05APR2011...
James Beauchamp of Oklahoma City, OK captured the following images on his forward scatter receiver April 1st, 2011. In the images, the burst of multi-colored data indicates increased radio signal reflections by fast moving objects, likely meteors. The April 1st hit is "the largest I've ever seen" says Beauchamp, an expert in his field. "This may have been a visible daylight event."
forward scatter-OKC-31MAR2011-06:56:40 UTC ( 01:56:40-1:56:40 am CDT 01APR2011)
(c) 2011 James Beauchamp

forward scatter-OKC-01APR2011-18:15:40 UTC (13:15:40-1:15:40 pm CDT)
(c) 2011 James Beauchamp

***Readers, if you saw what you believe to be an unexplainable bright flash of light during daylight hours at 1:15 P.M. on April 1st, 2011 or heard booms or similar thunder-like sounds anywhere from North Texas to North Central Oklahoma, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with your observations. Thank you!*** 

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