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Central FL Gulf Coast Green Meteor Fireball 27APR2011...

Email From Chris Thomas-South Of Gainsville, FL:
Well, I did some searching to see if someone else saw what I did.
I’m glad to be able to substantiate the email from Griffin W and what he saw when north of Gainesville.  As I recall it was about 10 PM. I was parked in a Lutz neighborhood (90 min south of Gainesville)  I was looking nearly due North and saw the meteor first travel from the West to the East.   I found the whole thing unusual, it was falling very slowly or maybe meteors are slower than shooting stars?  I now suspect it was as close to me as it originally appeared considering where Griffin saw it from.  It was massive, and clearly burning and sparking.  A perfect comparison would be like a glittering round from a roman candle firework.  I recall seeing little of the tail but found it also unusual that just as it dipped into the tree line during the 2 second event the sky flashed green before I would estimate it made impact.  The flash wasn’t brilliant but reminiscent of when a power pole transformer explodes in the distance.  There was no sound.  Thanks for this resource, hope my account helps.

Email From Val In Pinellas County FL:
It was around 11pm EST in pinellas county fl. I was driving and i saw through my windshield a HUGE falling star?? It was very low in the sky and very very bright with a definite tail. It appeared to be out of the north-northwest sky. I love to watch falling star showers but this was like none i have ever seen before. really cool!!!

Confirmation Email From Griffin W...I was driving South on I - 75 about 1/2 miles north of Gainesville Florida at about 10:50pm and saw a greenish, blueish fireball with a white tail falling from the sky. It came into my view in the top right of my wind shield (NE) and fell to the SW across my line of sight and the burned out 30 degrees above the horizon. The whole thing lasted 1 - 1/2 seconds from start to finish. I guess this could have been the meteor reported in Sarasota (because that is the direction it was falling) but it seemed to be closer than that to where I was in Gainesville. Hope this helps.   thank you Griffin!
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***If you saw this fireball, please email a description of your sighting to wxtx01@gmail.com Thank you!***

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Just saw a green fireball with a long gold tail toward the south in Jacksonville, FL!! Just happened to be looking in the right direction at the right time. Was probably about 11:00 - 11:05 PM EDT.

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