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Bright Green Fireball Witnessed Over South London UK 07MAR2011...

Mar 7 2011, 4:13 PM Guest394 (guest): Saw a Green Meteorite about 10.10pm London time am in South London Seemed to be going SE to NE direction. No flashes seen but perhaps a change in intensity. A bit higher than 45 degrees I would say. Lost it bout 10 degrees to the horizon.
Thank you guest 394! ELPALLSKY
Email From Lily In London UK...Hello - been looking on the internet for information on what I saw last night, 7 March 2011. It was stunning. Around 10:12pm was standing on my balcony in North West London and saw a white light that looked like a tear drop with an orange tail move smoothly across the night sky. It was at eye level - so close, so big, so beautiful. I have seen shooting stars and even Halley's Comet but nothing quite like this - my friend thought it was an engine falling from a passing plane coming from Heathrow it was so big. 
Email From Anonymous: Yes I can back this up and saw the same bright green meteor from inside my home looking out of the window. From my perspective it was falling vertically down 45 degrees to the horizon. Location Kineton near Warwick

***Readers...If you saw this event Please email me at wxtx01@gmail.com Thank you!***

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Breezer said...

Remember (as later referred to in comments), its a meteor until it hits the ground (or you know it has), only then is it a meteorite; most aren't big enough to survive to the ground, they completely burn up in the atmosphere

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