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Update To 23FEB2011 NE US, SE Canada Fireball...

Northeast U.S.- Southeast Canada Green Fireball 23FEB2011

From Dr. Bill Cooke-NASA MSFC Huntsville AL 24FEB2011...
After quite a bit of work, the Meteor Physics group at the University of Western Ontario did manage to find video of this event on 2 of their all-sky cameras (ones located at McMaster and Elginfield). It was at extreme range (~300 km) and very close to the horizon, making trajectory determination difficult, but they were able to establish the following:
Time: 2011 Feb 23 10:14:44 UT
Speed: ~30 km/s
Begin point: 41.9537 N, 78.1265 W, height = 84.328 km
End point:  41.9112 N, 76.6969 W, height = 49.339 km (this when UWO cameras cut off, meteor extended farther to the east, but was not visible)
No radar or infrasound signature was detected. Because of the high speed, it is highly doubtful if this event produced meteorites.
I am attaching a couple of maps showing the trajectory and a video from the McMaster camera.
Hope this is of help.
Regards, Bill Cooke NASA Meteoroid Environment Office

Note: fireball can be seen in lower left quadrant near structure
map courtesy NASA MSFC MEO-click on image to enlarge
map courtesy NASA MSFC MEO-click on image to enlarge

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