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Meteor News...Bright Green Fireball Observed Over NM 7FEB2011...Of Course!

Visual From D. Worthington ABQ...
At 5:09 AM local (MST) this morning, Feb. 7, from Edgewood New Mexico, approx 30 Miles East of Albuquerque, I saw a large fireball streaking due South. It was very bright and large, had a greenish tint and appeared to break into 2-3 pieces just before it burnt out, approx 5 degrees above my local horizon. I thought it was going all the way to the horizon (or ground), but did not quite make it. This was large and slower moving in appearance than typical meteors, I am assuming space debris re-entry?
Did anyone else report this? It was pretty significant in appearance, did not appear to be your typical meteor. As a long time licensed Amateur Radio Operator that has participated in Meteor Scatter communication and someone that typically gets up to watch the meteor shower and general astronomical events, this was a unique object.
From Sandia National Labs ABQ...
Early this morning (Feb. 7th, 2011), at 12:10:23 UT (05:10:23 MST) our Bldg. 890 camera recorded a fireball nearly due south and very low to the horizon.  So, I'm guessing it may have been quite close to your camera.  Coordinates were;  Begin:  Az 184, El 8 degrees; End:  Az 181, El 2 degrees.  Duration was about 4 seconds, with a bright flare at the end.
From Thomas Ashcraft Near Santa Fe NM
I did not get it on Sentinel as it was in a masked area and it is only faint and unimpressive on my secondary video.  But I am attaching it in any case.
Inquiry To ELPALLSKY 7FEB2011
Tijeras, New Mexico arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Bright NE And New England Meteor Fireball 29JAN2011" by searching for new mexico fire ball sky.
18:21:49 -- 25 minutes ago

(In the video below, the fireball is barely visible just left of bottom center)

***ELPALLSKY Camera is down due to hard disk crash caused by rolling power balckouts...THANK YOU EPEC!***

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