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Meteor News...Bright 7 Second Meteor Fireball Lights up El Paso TX Sky...14FEB2011...

ELPALLSKY Sandia All Sky Meteor Detection Camera Captures Long Duration Meteor Fireball 14FEB2011
by ELPALLSKY 14FEB2011...
At 6:36 pm MST, The Sandia All Sky Camera in east El Paso,TX captured the flight of a roughly -6 to -7 magnitude 7 second meteor as it traveled from ESE through SSW likely over extreme northern Mexico. Below is a composite image and movie of the event. Any witnesses in the vicinity of El Paso, Juarez MX, SE AZ or the eastern boundary of the Big Bend area are urged to post what they saw to this site in "comments" below or e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com
Visual Sighting E-mail From Anonymous:
My girlfriend and I were walking westward in a desert road next to Cemex and far east El Paso in the evening of St. Valentine Day when the largest meteor we had ever seen lit the sky on our left side. It was fast, but at a much slower speed and longer duration than the regular falling stars that I had previously seen. The meteor was moving westward. It was a magical evening!

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