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Loud Booms Heard And A Green Meteor Observed From El Paso Texas 9FEB2011 19:24 MST (02:24 UTC)...
by Jim Gamble-ELPALLSKY
  At 7:24 pm MST (local) time Wed. 9FEB2011, a loud boom and subsequent rumble were heard as I stepped outside from my home in east El Paso, TX. The booms seemed to emanate from the north-northeast. Within 30 seconds, I observed a small green meteor of approximately -1 magnitude and lasting 1 to 2 seconds through Canis Major to my south-southeast. I am looking at the possibility that a larger meteor event may have occured just prior to the booms, possibly to my east or northeast. While it is possible that the booms and meteor passage were coincidental, and that the booms may not be meteor related, I nonetheless am asking anyone in the vicinity who may have heard them to post to this site. I will continue to investigate and post updates. Thank you.

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