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Huge Green Fireball Seen From Vancouver Island B.C. Canada 24FEB2011...

Eyewitness Reports...8:30pm PST 24FEB2011 Of A Large Green Fireball Over Vancouver B.C.
From The Chat Box...
Feb 25 2011, 2:12 PM Josh (guest): Last Night I saw a Massive Green meteor land some where over by Vancouver Island I live right by the Ocean at UBC in Vancouver, It was massive I have never seen one that big or color as big as my thumb nail in the sky, hope to hear more about it.
Feb 25 2011, 11:16 AM Guest598 (guest): I think I also saw the fireball , it seems to be the same time 8:30ish from west coast vancouver island, didnt hear any sound was in my truck, moving left to right, very impressive the best I have ever witnessed !!!
Email From KML7997:
googled green flash and got your website. I live in Tacoma WA. This morning I was driving to work at 6am and I saw a green object in the sky that almost looked like a shooting star but it was way to close and no other stars were in view. My friend was with me and she saw it to. It was flying downwards almost looking like it could have been fireworks but it was going downwards not up towards the sky. What was it?

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone see large green fireball lastnight? Around 10-10:30? Over East Vancouer Island. Look like it came really low to ground.

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