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****UPDATE...Photographer Captures New England Meteor...Breaking News! 30JAN2011

Cambridge Massachusetts Photographer Brad Kelly
" The photo is a single shot. It was captured with a Nikon D300. An 8 second tripod exposure using a 20mm prime lens at f8 aperture taken by Brad Kelly in Harvard Square 29JAN2011 at~8:29.  Here is a cell phone snapshot of the LCD screen of my "real" Nikon camera showing the photo of the meteor over Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, at approximately 8:29pm.  I haven't transferred the photo from my camera's memory card yet.
  I missed the movie I had been planning to see, so instead, I walked around Harvard Square with my camera and tripod taking some photos and I happened to get lucky with the camera in the right place at the right time. One in a million..."

Daytime View Of Cambridge Savings Bank

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