2:50:00 AM

Mexico Fireball OF 26JAN2011 Captured On Two Sentinel Allsky Cameras

Initial Internet Inquiry: Mexico Fireball Indicated by Inquiry To ELPALLSKY 26JAN2011
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon arrived from google.com.mx on "elp allsky"  by searching for bolide en hermosillo.

Event Capture-Hermosillo MX Sentinel Allsky Camera-Dr. S. Aguirre 
26JAN2011 08:40:38 UTC

Event Capture-El Paso TX Sentinel Allsky Camera-ELPALLSKY
26JAN2011 08:40:38 UTC

Event Capture MMTO Mt. Hopkins AZ
26JAN2011 08:40:38 UTC (courtesy Carl Hergenrother)

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