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Meteor News...North Texas Fireball On DEC31,2010 Reported to ELPALLSKY...

Guest523 (guest): On 12/31/2010 at 22:30 hrs bright fire ball traveling from west to east was seen in Trophy Club, Texas and at the same time it was seen in Whitesboro, Texas

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Guest43 (guest):
Felisha Timmons, New Years Eve 2010, Grand Prairie, Tx.Saw a fireball, looked huge, traveled SE.

Anonymous Reports:
While sitting at the dining room table we saw a bright fireball moving across the sky and we immediately went outside to see. The fireball moved from west to east much like an airplane, but definatly wasn’t. The object appeared to be bright orange and on fire.

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Guest465 (guest):
looking for a report over area of Whitesboro, Texas area on 12/31/2010 at 10:30pm Have 3 witness who show the object.

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