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Major Breaking News...NASA Revising Size And Weight of Mississippi Bolide Upward...13JAN2011...Announces Fall Zone...

NASA Huntsville has confirmed that the bolide which exploded over Mississippi on Jan 11, 2011 is a "meter class" object yielding an explosive equivilent of roughly 80 tons of TNT and weighing over a metric ton at detonation. Original estimates put the object's size at 21 inches diameter and weighing 171 kilograms. In an ELPALLSKY interview with the Director of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office in Huntsville AL, Dr. Bill Cooke, at 16:45 MST 01/13/11, Cooke says "the meteor exploded at a high altitude and likely scattered fragments over a large area". Cooke also said "infrasound signatures from the event place the debris fall zone over Jackson Mississippi". This coincides with the original thinking of Dirk Ross Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News of Tokyo, Japan who theorized Jackson as the potential fall zone just after the event time of 20:45 CST on 1/11/11. Stay with ELPALLSKY for continued updates.

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