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Des Moines Iowa Fireball Reported To ELPALLSKY 12JAN2011...
Jan 12 2011, 8:27 PM
Guest32 (guest): I live in des moines, Iowa it is january 12 and i seen a fire ball coming out of the sky then turning green looked like it flew into town around 7 or 8 oclock

Email from "unicornfluff":
On Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at aprox 6:20pm I saw something fall from the sky and burst into flames. I was driving north on I-29 in Iowa, 6 or so miles from exit 20 (McPaul/Thurman). It was a bright streak of blue/green light falling straight down. It made a long streak of light, as though someone was drawing a line with a marker. Before it reached the ground, it caught fire. I know it was fire because the flames wafted upward and then it was extinguished. As I continued my trip north, I saw nothing along the side of the road or in the distance that would suggest a fiery impact in the earth. Very strange. I've seen meteors before, but none that fell straight down or caught fire.

Theresa in Iowa Email's:
Hi! On Wednesday January 12th at 6:27pm Central time we saw a meteor/fireball in what seemed to be the northern sky. We were driving west on a county road in New Market, MN when we witnessed the event. It was a long green streak followed by a brown explosion of sorts, or perhaps that is when it hit the atmosphere. It was very bright. My kids and I saw it out the right hand side of the car, which would have placed it north of us. My husband who was driving, did not see it but said the entire sky lit up, like lightning! 

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