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Albuquerque New Mexico Multiple Meteor Report 13JAN2011...
Guest247 (guest): Hello..Last evening around 10:45 pm in Albuquerque NM, I went outside and saw 3 streams of bright white in the sky. One was very large and the other two a little smaller. The largest was so bright! What was this?
ELPALLSKY RESPONSE: Guest 247, ABQ is a high military air traffic corridor. You MAY have seen some of that. I have, however, notified Sandia Labs to check their cams for what you report. If they WERE meteors/fireballs, Sandia will have them and I will post immediately if they do. Thanks for the heads up! 

***Readers...If you saw this event please click comments below or go to my chat window to leave details. Thank you!***  

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