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Tucson Bright Bolide...New Images From Tucson !

Carl Hergenrother, Astronomer and moderator of The Transient Sky blogsite has graciously afforded elp these images of the Tucson bolide of 11/28/10. Hergenrother is a Tucson resident, operating an allsky camera there. Hergenrother reports...

Two interesting meteor events happened this past week. First a brilliant fireball was seen over southern AZ on the night of Nov 28/29 at ~11:53 pm. The fireball was picked up by my all-sky cam and was even seen as far south as Hermosillo were Salvador Aguirre’s camera picked it up. I’ll have more on this event later, for now follow the latest on James Gamble’s excellent El Paso AllSky blog...(more)... 
GIF Movie and Composite Image Courtesy Carl Hergenrother

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