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Geminid Meteors Live Count On IMO Website Is Underway !!...12/13/10...

Geminids 2010
The International Meteor Organization
The Geminids is one of the finest, and probably the most reliable, annual meteor shower. Activity exceeds 100 meteors per hour around December 14, with meteors radiating from a point near Castor in constellation Gemini. Geminids are slow, bright and occasionally colorful. Many observers consider the shower to be more spectacular than the famous Perseids in August, but the Geminids are less widely known because of the cold and often clouded December nights in the northern hemisphere.
This year the peak is expected in the morning of December 14 (roughly near 11h UT). Many tens of meteors per hour will be visible in the nights surrounding December 14, with highest rates occuring in the hours after local midnight when the radiant reaches its highest altitude in the sky and the moon has set. More information on the observing conditions can be found in the shower calendar.
The activity graph below is updated every 15 minutes based on visual observing reports submitted to the IMO - click on the graph for "LIVE COUNT".

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