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Possible North Texas Daylight Fireball 20APR2012

Nebulous reports of a possible Daylight Fireball Event over north TX at roughly 5:53pm CDT on April 20th, 2012 have been received at ELPALLSKY. These reports were transmitted to us anonymously and we will not post ANY reports on this event until sources can be verified. Please email wxtx01@gmail.com w/ your name, location, date and time, direction you were facing, direction the object traveled (left to right etc. is OK), debris or smoke trail observed, color, and any sounds i.e. sonic booms heard. Thank you!

20APR2012 kenneth wilson Clyde, TX. USA 5:53 central time from my view it was about 2 seconds but could be longer as i lost sight of it behind the trees in my yard i was facing north path of travle was W-S-W to E-N-E at about 20 degrees down. It was out of the clouds when i first saw it then came thru the clouds and disappeared behind the trees in my yard. It was yellow to white in color and i saw it from my angle for about 2 seconds.If Hawley or OKC had there cameras runing they should both have seen it as it was in the area just above the Hawley camera from my prospective. NO sound brighter then venus but not as bright as the full moon. not that i could see none

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