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North Texas Meteor Fireball Reported to ELPALLSKY 16APR2011 04:16 A.M. CDT Captured By Sandia Sentinel Fireball Cameras...EYEWITNESSES, PLEASE REPORT!!

At 4:16 A.M. April 16, 2012, Two Sandia Sentinel allsky fireball cameras recorded a significant fireball event over North Texas. If you observed this fireball, we need your reports. Please click here to send us a description of what you saw. Please include your location, the direction you were facing, direction in which the object traveled (i.e. left to right etc.), approximate duration and color and any bright flashes or sounds observed.

image as seen from Hawley, TX-click to enlarge-N is up and E is left

image as seen from Oklahoma City, OK-click to enlarge-N is up and E is left

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Texas UFO Sightings said...

Hey!!! Apparently Lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com experienced an outbreak of meteor reports in Central Texas on April 15th. http://www.texasufosightings.com/1/post/2012/04/central-tx-its-a-plane-its-a-bird-its-a-meteor.html There was also that fireball in Arizona recently. Think any of this is related?

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